PET-CT Phantom


PET-CT Phantom


The PET-CT Phantom™ includes internal structures (three rods and six spheres) which, when imaged with both modalities, can demonstrate how accurately the two image sets are aligned.

In addition, a single sample of radioactive water is attenuated by water, bone and CT contrast material (as well as air only) to determine how accurately the CT-based PET attenuation correction works.

The Phantom is used for:

  • Acceptance testing of PET/CT and SPECT/CT systems
  • Routine quality evaluation of PET/CT and SPECT/CT systems
  • Evaluation of new image fusion software
  • Evaluation of new attenuation correction algorithms
  • Aluminium tubes are for registration
  • The outer 2" OD micro cylinder is for comparing attenuation region to non attenuation region
  • The 6" ring is for contrast solution
  • Research
  • Main Cylinder:
    - Interior length of phantom: 180 mm
    - Fillable spheres (5) inner diameter: 10 mm, 13 mm,
    - 17 mm, 22 mm, and 28 mm.
  • Distance from sphere plane to inside wall: 70 mm
  • Volume of empty cylinder: 9.7 liters
  • Main Cylindrical insert dimension:
    - Outside diameter: 51 mm
    - Length: 180 mm
  • Top Cylinder:
    - Cylinder outside diameter: ~5.1 cm
    - Cylinder inside diameter: ~4. cm
    - Cylinder inside height: ~8.2 cm
    - Cylinder outside height: ~12.0 cm
    - Volume of empty cylinder: 408 cm2
  • Three Aluminum Tubes:
    - One 5 inch long: ~1.7 cc
    - Two 7 inch (ea): ~ 2.5 cc
  • Stepped Bone Ring:
    - Pre-filled with liquid bone composition, not to be opened
    The volumes for the bone ring are:
    - Outer volume: 15.6 cu inch: ~256 cc
    - Inner volume: 6.7 cu inch: ~110 cc 

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