Cardiac Insert


Cardiac Insert


This insert provides a multi-function simulation of the left ventricle, and can be used to evaluate SPECT imaging of cold defects within the "myocardium." Two solid acrylic sectors (45 and 60 degrees) are supplied with the insert, each one cm thick and two cm long. These non-filling defects may be placed at various positions within the "ventricle wall", either anteriorly or posteriorly. The long axis of the "ventricle" is adjustable from 30 to 60 degrees from the long axis of the cylinder. Four fillable defects are also included.

  • Evaluation of cardiac ECT data
  • Evaluation of attenuation and scatter
  • Simulates normal and abnormal myocardial uptake
  • Solid inserts simulate transmural and non-transmural cold abnormalities
  • Fillable inserts simulate transmural and non-transmural cold or hot abnormalities
  • "Ventricle" Overall Dimensions: 3.7" l x 2.4" dia (9.3 x 6.1 cm)
  • "Ventricle" Volume: ~ 60 ml
  • "Myocardium" Thickness: 0.4" (1.0 cm)
  • "Myocardium" Volume: ~ 110 ml
  • Solid Defect Set (three pieces):
    - 60° x 2 cm (h) x 10 mm (thick)
    - 45° x 1.53 cm (h) x 10 mm (thick)
    - 60° x 2 cm, with 5 mm wall thickness (non-transmural defect)
  • Fillable Defect Set (four pieces):
    - 180° x 2 cm (h) x 10 mm (thick) / Vol ~ 13 ml
    - 90° x 2 cm (h) x 10 mm (thick) / Vol ~ 5.4 ml
    - 45° x 2 cm (h) x 10 mm (thick) / Vol ~ 3.8 ml
    - 45° x 2 cm (h), with 5 mm thick chamber / Vol ~ 1.4 ml

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