Gamma Gurus Gazette March 2021

March 2021
Gurus with benefits
Gamma Gurus is working towards Benefit-Corporation status.
B-corps for short, make decisions that have a positive impact across their workers, customers, suppliers, their community, and the environment.
We are well on the way to joining other great Australian and International businesses that have chosen to shake up the paradigm of business to include social and environmental performance to their reporting and accountability. It is a long process of verification, but every great journey starts with a single step.
We have always made great service a priority, and now we can add another focus to our purpose.
If you want to check out B-corps you can support, here is a list of Australian companies, big and small that are going that extra mile.
The Gurus are reaching for the stars with Sky Factory

Gamma Gurus has been connecting more staff and their patients with the healing powers of open sky with multiple Sky Factory virtual luminous SkyCeilings and Windows over the last quarter.
Covid19 created a few delays and frustrations with delivery, but we got there in the end with Launceston General Hospital’s Holman clinic and the Royal Hobart Hospital RadOnc department both installing beautiful Sky Ceilings in their new radiotherapy rooms.
There are more therapeutic installations planned for Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Blacktown Acute Mental Health and North West Cancer Centre in Burnie, Tasmania, among others over the next few months.
Gamma Gurus gives
Princess Alexandra Hospital RadOnc department received a beautiful Sky Ceiling courtesy of the Gurus for their radiotherapy bunker during the recent PA Giving Day charity drive.
The Gurus know that being in treatment is a stressful time and we hope that Sky Factory’s research-verified calming and stress-reducing products can help create the best environment for patients and staff alike.
IBA Dosimetry

When accuracy matters, resolution matters!
Film Class detector array optimal for SRS/SBRT
  • Unique solid-state sensor array.
  • 105,000 pixels total.
  • 0.4 × 0.4 mm² centre to centre resolution.
 Light field check
  • Field size markers 5 x 5 and 10 x 10 cm².
  • Easy verification of the light field’s conformity with the radiation field.
Designed for non-coplanar fields
  • Compact design enables QA of flexible SRS beam angles rotation angles.
Gantry Sensor+
  • QA accuracy for rotational cases.
Laser setup marker
  • Precise and fast setup through laser alignment.
More info
MatriXX Resolution
6.5 mm highest resolution for VMAT / IMRT
  • 1521 ionisation chambers
  • 25.3 x 25.3 cm² field size
 Beam-triggered Measurements
  • Automatic measurements of all beam energies in a single run with myQA software.
 Centre Chamber
  • 9 chambers in the centre of the array provide accurate dose and calibration measurements.
 Light Field Check
  • Field size markers permit easy verification of the light field’s conformity with the radiation field.
 High-resolution Centreline and Diagonal Measurements
  • The 39 ionization chambers for each centreline offer greater accuracy, especially in the penumbra regions.
More info
Medical Precision Comfort Marker 2.0 now available!
  • Patient tattoo system designed for radiotherapy use
  • Gentle and controlled injection of pigment into skin with less pain to the patient
  • Injects pigment at depth of 0.2–0.7 mm compared to common practice of 2–3 mm
  • Reference points fade over time or are easily removable
  • Fast, clean and disposable safety needle module minimizes risk of needle stick incidents
  • Safe and simple operation with clear indication of depth settings 
  • Charged device allows portability in the CT room
CIVCO Thermoplastic now validated for use in dry heat oven
  • Please contact us for updated oven instructions
New TGA Regulatory Framework for Custom Positioning Equipment.

Gamma Gurus are aware of the new TGA framework for custom positioning equipment and 3D printed devices. Be assured that all CIVCO products are already registered with the ARTG including all customisable ones. If you require or need to verify any of these certificates please feel free to contact us.


Please contact your friendly neighborhood Guru for more information.

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Or check our website : https://gammagurus.com/

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