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July 2021
6 Years Young!
For most people the 1st of July signifies the start of the new financial year and the time to take your shoe box full of receipts to the accountant.  For us this date has a special meaning as it also marks the anniversary of when a crazy idea to start a company became a reality and Gamma Gurus opened its doors.  Six years on we have grown from two blokes and a dog to a team of 11 highly skilled professionals with a wide range of quality products in our portfolio covering Radiation Oncology, Molecular Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging and Research.  The goal we set ourselves back then was to bring innovative products to Australian customers with an emphasis on exceptional customer service and this is a goal we proudly feel we have achieved.  Of course we wouldn’t be celebrating this milestone without our customers, so we would also like to thank you all for your support in getting us here and we look forward to providing you exceptional customer service well into the future!
4 New Australian Sites Install C-RAD in 2021! 
Gamma Gurus is proud to announce that 6 Australian departments in the past 12 months have joined the rapidly growing community of C-RAD users! 

Our fantastic engineers have installed 15 Catalyst systems and 6 Sentinel systems In the past 12 months!

This includes the world's first install of the Catalyst +
Advancing Molecular Radiotherapy
MIM SurePlan MRT standardizes the dosimetry process in a single, vendor-neutral solution. Automation is integrated at every step of the process to help Nuclear Medicine departments capture the therapy opportunity, without sacrificing patient care.

  • Patient-specific dosimetry (not model-based).
  • Supports Lu-177 and I-131 FDA approved therapies.
  • Provides vendor-neutral quantitative SPECT reconstruction and planar corrections.
  • Timesaving tools for VOI generation including tumors and normal organs.
  • Multi-modality rigid and deformable alignment.
  • Automatic dosimetry report generation.
  • Supports additional radionuclides for research.
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MAX-HD 2.0

The IMT MAX-HD 2.0 is an anthropomorphic head phantom, intended for use by clinical radiation oncology staff (physicists, therapists, dosimetrists, and physicians) to perform comprehensive End-To-End SRS QA, as recommended by AAPM TG101 and TG135, and forthcoming TG352; using a realistic patient-simulated approach.

MAX-HD 2.0 is similar in size, shape, and weight to a real human head. It features anthropomorphic skull, spine, brain, spinal cord, oral and nasal cavities, and simulates cortical and trabecular bone densities in the skull and spinal cord.

  • Real-World Multiple Met SRS QA
  • Exquisite High-Definition MR Visibility
  • Supports MR Treatment Planning
  • MR/CT Fusion
  • MR Distortion Analysis
  • HyperArc Commissioning
  • Full Anatomical Localization in both CT and MR
  • Supports 6DOF QA
  • No messy & inconsistent liquids
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Film + Ion Chamber + OSLD/TLD Dosimetry
  • Rental Program Available
  • Supports multiple AAPM TG SRS testing protocols including TG101 and TG135 for: 
    • Complete End-To-End Tests
    • Winston-Lutz test 
    • Isocentric Verification
    • Bony Anatomy Localization
    • Laser Alignment
    • Localization / Repositioning with Couch Shifts
    • Patient Orientation / Image Transfer QA 
    • IGRT QA for MR, X-Ray and On-board kV and MV images, including CBCT
    • MR/CT Image Fusion Multiple MET Dosimetry
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Medical Precision Comfort Marker 2.0 now available!
  • Patient tattoo system designed for radiotherapy use
  • Gentle and controlled injection of pigment into skin with less pain to the patient
  • Injects pigment at depth of 0.2–0.7 mm compared to common practice of 2–3 mm
  • Reference points fade over time or are easily removable
  • Fast, clean and disposable safety needle module minimizes risk of needle stick incidents
  • Safe and simple operation with clear indication of depth settings 
  • Charged device allows portability in the CT room
CIVCO Thermoplastic now validated for use in dry heat oven
  • Please contact us for updated oven instructions


Please contact your friendly neighborhood Guru for more information.

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