North Coast Cancer Institute Lismore Goes Clinical with C-RAD


Gamma Gurus are excited to announce the installation of the new C-RAD Surface Guided Radiotherapy Catalyst+ Systems at the North Coast Cancer Institute (NCCI) in Lismore, NSW.  C-RAD Catalyst+ HD was installed on both their Elekta linear accelerators, joining the C-RAD Sentinel system already installed on their Siemens CT.  The installation and applications training were all completed by the Gamma Gurus local team working closely with the team at Lismore during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic - an amazing achievement for all involved!

Released in March 2020, Catalyst+ is the latest generation of surface guidance systems adding a full HD camera and a range of other hardware improvements to the C-RAD range in a new, sleeker housing.  North Coast Cancer institute are the first department in Australia to go clinical on the Catalyst+ systems and one of the first worldwide.

NCCI are now able to offer their rural community radiotherapy treatments with enhanced patient set-up and motion monitoring.  They have also implemented markerless tracking to treat with deep inspiration breath hold which has been widely researched to show better long-term side effects of radiotherapy treatment.  They have future plans to go tattooless using their surface guided system amongst many other exciting projects and research opportunities.

North Coast Cancer Institute are pioneers in Australia ensuring the most advanced technology is made available to the rural community. Gamma Gurus are excited to welcome them to the C-RAD family and support them with all their future endeavours with surface guided radiotherapy.

NCCI Lismore C-RAD Team

NCCI C-RAD Patient Positioning

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