MatriXX Resolution

IBA Dosimetry

MatriXX Resolution


MatriXX Resolution

Highest resolution ionization chamber detector array for independent VMAT /IMRT Patient QA and Machine QA

  • 6.5 mm Resolution
  • 1,521 Ionisation Chambers
  • Completely Wireless Design

Outstanding Accuracy

  • 50% more data points compared to previous MatriXX detectors for highest IMRT & VMAT measurement resolution.
  • Wireless Gantry Sensor+ enables precise QA of rotational cases and automated gantry angle correction. 
  • Confidence through independent QA.

Unrivaled Efficiency

  • Fast and straightforward detector setup. 
  • No cables required through complete wireless and battery-powered design.
  • Efficient measurements for Patient QA and Machine QA verification with myQA® software.

Workflow simplicity

MatriXX Resolution is optimized for your workflow efficiency. The complete process is typically completed in less than 5 minutes, from detector setup to measurement to test result:

  1. Fast and easy setup
    • Laser alignment of the detector or phantom on the treatment couch.
    • Wireless connection to the software or alternatively with Ethernet cable.
  2. Beam-triggered measurements
    • The detector is waiting for the beam.
    • Automatic measurements of all beam energies in a single run with myQA software.
    • FF / FFF beams supported.
  3. Instant results
    • Immediate and automatic processing of the measurements in myQA.
    • Easy validation of test results.
  4. Test approval and archiving
    • Approval and commenting option with adjustable user rights.
    • Results are stored centrally for in-depth reviews, analysis, and reporting.

Rotating Holder - Optional Accessory

Support of Machine QA measurements with Linac angles of 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

  • Comfortable fixations holding the 2D array in its position
  • Fast and accurate locking mechanism for different measurement angles
  • Easy to use four-point leveling mechanism
  • Rubber feet prevent unintended movements of the holder

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