Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® System


Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® System



Encompass SRS Fibreplast Masks

Encompass SRS Fibreplast mask systems are made from the most rigid thermoplastic available and include Integrated Shim, providing sub-milimetric immobilization.

Clinical Advantages:

• High precision immobilization with sub-millimeter accuracy for stereotactic radiosurgery, including trigeminal neuralgia.
• Immobilization for treatment of multiple lesions with a single isocenter.
• Integrated Shim optimizes workflow efficiencies.
• Open View Thermoplastic reduces patient anxiety and allows for intra-fraction positioning verification utilizing optical tracking systems.
• Better workflow and instant setup feedback


Assure Open View
Reduces patient anxiety while allowing real time patient monitoring using optical tracking systems.

Variable Perf Pattern
The perforation pattern maximizes rigidity while minimizing the bolus effect.

Integrated Shim™​ System

Innovative Integrated Shim allows independent height adjustment at each pin, providing completely customizable immobilization. Each Integrated Shim can be adjusted in discrete 0.5 mm increments, with a total range of 4 mm.

Key Features:

  • Independent shimming at each pin point
  • No need to remove mask to tighten or loosen
  • Increased workflow efficiencies
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Better workflow and instant setup feedback

To adjust Shim Height:

  • Pull up to unlock the pin
  • Rotate the pin to the desired height adjustment
  • Depress the pin to lock


Optional IntegraBite Bite Positioner easily molds into the Fibreplast mask; which conforms to the teeth further decreasing head and neck rotation, flexion and extension.

Key Features:

• Decrease head and neck rotation, flexion, and extension
• Repeatable positioning
• Simple, streamlined design makes application and insertion easy


    Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® System

    Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® System
    Inlcudes: Fibreplast® Variable Perf™ Open View Mask, Posterior Thermoplastic and IntegraBite™(Box of 5)

    Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® anterior mask

    Encompass™ SRS Fibreplast® anterior mask
    To be used with SRS Cushion Support. Mask includes MOLDCARE U Head cushion, 20 cm x 35 cm.

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