Vista™ 16 Optical CT Scanner for 3D Dosimetry

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Vista™ 16 Optical CT Scanner for 3D Dosimetry


Vista™ 16 is a high-resolution optical CT scanner used to process 3D dosimeters, including radiochromic gels and solids. With the use of Clearview™ gel and Vista™ ACE processing software (in development), physicists will have a complete, true 3D dosimetry solution.

Vista™ 16 reconstructs a 3D map of optical attenuation coefficients within an object suspended in the scanner’s region of interest. This is done by capturing a series of 2D optical projections through the region of interest while the object is rotated. The 3D map is then constructed using Feldkamp-filtered back projection.

The system is designed to work with radiochromic 3D dosimeters such as ClearView™ which have an absorption peak at 590 nm. Various wavelengths are available upon request for different dosimeters and applications.

Vista™ 16 is capable of scanning objects up to 15 cm diameter by 12 cm long. Isotropic voxel sizes of 0.25 mm are achievable, providing high-resolution, true 3D dose data. VistaScan™ software is included for scanning, reconstruction and display. Data is fully accessible for treatment plan verification and research applications.


Low Stray Light: New convergent light source improves accuracy and precision

Fast:  Acquisition, reconstruction and display of optical CT images in approximately 5 minutes

Efficient: Simple on-screen controls and straightforward workflow

Flexible: Different wavelengths available for different dosimeters, interchangeable aquariums available for different index of refraction matching liquids, open accessible data for research

Compatible: Works with ClearView™ and 3rd party radiochromic 3D dosimeters

Clean: Top load design with dosimeter clamp on rotary stage reduces operator contact with dosimeters and aquarium liquids

Two Sizes: For large or small 3D dosimeters

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