PETRA* consists of GABI*, the radioactivity flow detector, accompanied heating for the GC capillary tube between GC oven and scintillation detector and a 2x2” full crystal scintillation probe with a special PETRA* 
flow cell. GABI* is the latest technology μ-processor controlled gamma spectrometer with built in digital rate meter. GABI* is assembled by modules of 19” format, which make modification and service support very fast and easy. GABI* has a high voltage unit for manual or automatic selection of the required detector operation.

Inserting a suitable calibration source and running the automatic calibration program, GABI* sets all parameters to a calibrated energy scale. Re-calibration for compensation of any drift is quite easy, fast and full automatic. Petra* has 2 simultaneous counting channels with 2 individual energy thresholds each for setting an individual counting window for a particular nuclide. Petra* counts the radiation events in an energy channel per selected interval time. Petra* has an extremely high dynamic range from 0 – 500.000 c/s. The information of counts per time is transferred to a PC running GINA* program and the chromatogram is displayed live on screen. No overriding of ranges can happen. Peak integration, background subtraction, flow correction, absolute activity calculation etc. can be performed manually or automatically. Limit-of-detection is determined for every ROI, displayed and printed. GINA* can measure and control Agilent and Shimadzu GC instruments. All data and parameters are stored under one sample ID. The accompanied heating for GC capillary tube ensures that there is no condensation between GC oven and detector. The special flow cell ensures that the sensitivity is high and the temperature of the scintillator is low.

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