The PET/CT Si78 is a high throughput imaging instrument, dedicated for drug and tracer development for clinical translation. It combines highest PET sensitivity with fast and low dose CT.


From Bench to Bed

Fast translation of preclinical tracers

6 mGy

Low X-ray Dose for longitudinal studies

80 x 150 mm

Total Body PET FOV High PET resolution with highest sensitivity

The PET/CT Si78 is a molecular imaging system for sequential Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and X-Ray Microtomography (uCT). The fully shielded scanner, the animal welfare solutions and the experimental workflows are designed to support high throughput translational preclinical research in all field s of nuclear molecular imaging research.

ParaVision 360 software offers the complete solutions from subject & study handling, to scan execution, image reconstruction co-registration & image fusion, data analysis and automatic report generation. It easily links imaging data to the most advanced quantitative PET data analysis and kinetic modelling features offered by the PMOD biomedical image quantification software of Bruker.



  • ParaVision® 360 preclinical imaging software suite for scan planning, image reconstruction, visualization, image analysis and data/scan/subject databases
  • Touch screen and camera for easy animal positioning and scanner control
  • Fully automated high precision motorized animal transport system for precise animal positioning and automatic image co-registration and fusion
  • Direct access to the gantry from both sides with minimum distance to the PET FOV enables direct tracer application  in kinetic tracer studies
  • PMOD software tools for advanced data analysis and quantification
  • Fully X-ray shielded during CT scanning
  • 165 x 95 x 240 cm instrument size

PET Features

  • Up to 0.7 mm spatial resolution
  • Up to 12 % sensitivity
  • 150 x 80 mm FOV
  • True DOI, no loss of resolution across FOV
  • Ultrafast GPU reconstruction (MLEM, OSEM and MAP)

CT Features

  • 52 µm resolution
  • 80 (200) x 80 mm FOV single (multiple) bed positions
  • Gated cardiac imaging
  • Patented 2-5 x dose reduction

Animal Welfare

  • Single click - self connect animal cradles for mice and rats
  • Multi-mouse animal cradles
  • Animal monitoring and warming system
  • Preparation Stand

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