myQA iON for Radiation Therapy

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myQA iON for Radiation Therapy


Combined Efficiency in Patient QA

Log files powered by best-in-class Monte Carlo

  • Powerful combination of best-in-class SciMoCa™ Monte-Carlo dose calculation and log files
  • Task based automation for optimized workflow efficiency
  • Fast analysis of all sources of possible errors for increased patient safety

Proven efficiency, accuracy, and safety in Radiation Therapy

myQA iON is a unique Patient QA software environment featuring an automated workflow and best-in-class algorithm to maximize your efficiency and accuracy. Validate your most demanding treatment techniques while ensuring patient safety without compromise.

myQA iON offers you:

  • Fully automated 3D plan verification workflow
  • Easy identification of any sources of errors using the SciMoCa Monte Carlo algorithm and log files
  • Use of daily logs to explore the relevance of dose deviations from the treatment planning software or delivery system
  • Delivery of even the most complicated treatments with confidence

Combined Monte Carlo and log file Patient QA

myQA iON combines machine log files with a Monte Carlo algorithm from the beginning to the end of your patient treatments. 

  • Achieve an accuracy of <1% with the SciMoCa Monte Carlo algorithm
  • Perform your pre-treatment QA with the SciMoCa Monte Carlo algorithm
  • Validate delivered dose during treatment with the SciMoCa Monte Carlo algorithm combined with log files 
  • Prepare for an adaptive future with tools such as plan complexity analysis

Efficient task-based workflow

myQA iON has an optimized, automated workflow to save time and speed up your QA process.

  • Speed up your QA process with automated dose calculations, in the background
  • Assign tasks to specific users with the optimized patient or task lists view
  • Identify any potential errors or dose deviations using advanced, yet easy to use, tools

Safe delivery of patient treatment

To ensure accurate and unbiased QA results, a system is required that is unbiased and independent from the treatment planning system vendor. 

  • Utilize all DICOM information from your based treatment planning systems
  • Analyze your results using advanced 3D tools such as DVH’s and clinical goals
  • Identify the source of any potential dose deviations or errors
  • Understand the clinical relevance and source of potential deviation and errors

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