Model 14C Survey Meter with End-Window GM Probe


Model 14C Survey Meter with End-Window GM Probe


A standard survey instrument for nuclear medicine departments, the portable Model 14C Survey Meter with End-window Probe meets the essential surveying needs of most nuclear medicine facilities. The end-window probe is used to check hands, clothing, packages, and other surfaces for contamination, and for background readings. For high-range gamma detection, the built-in energy-compensated GM detector with the x1000 multiplier range handles counts up to 2R/hr. The meter features a built-in speaker with ON/OFF switch, front-access calibration controls, push-button reset to zero the meter, and a toggle switch to select FAST (4 sec.) or SLOW (22 sec.) response.

Satisfies NRC requirements for nuclear medicine departments

  • Monitors alpha, beta, and gamma
  • 0-2 R/hr range
  • External end window GM probe (39" cable included)
  • Internal energy-compensated GM detector
  • Five counting scales (x0.1, x1, x10, x100, x1000)
  • Alpha efficiency - 15%
  • Beta efficiency - 5% for C-14, 20% for Sr-90
  • Gamma efficiency - 14% for Tc-99
  • Sensitivity - 2100 cpm/mR/hr for Cs-137

Survey Meter:

  • Compatible Detectors: GM
  • Meter Face: 0-2 mR/hr, 0-4.2k cpm, battery test
  • Threshold: 30 mV ± 10 mV
  • Multiplier Ranges: x0.1; x1; x10; x100 for external detector; x1000 for internal detector
  • Internal Detector: Energy-compensated GM, for high range gamma detection only; 2000 mR/hr
  • High Voltage: 900V
  • Response: Toggle switch for FAST (4 seconds) or SLOW (22 seconds) for 90% of final reading
  • Reset: Push button to zero meter after over-range exposure
  • Audio: Built-in unimorph speaker with ON/OFF switch
  • Sensitivity: 2100 cpm/mR/hr for Cs-137
  • Batteries: Two each, size "D", typical life 600 hours
  • Construction: Painted aluminum housing
  • Dimensions: 3.5" w x 6.5" h x 8.5" l (9 x 16.5 x 22 cm)
  • Weight: 3.5 lb (1.6 kg) including batteries

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