MAX-HD End-to-End SRS phantom

Integrated Medical Technologies

MAX-HD End-to-End SRS phantom


The IMT MAX-HD is a high-definition, anthropomorphic QA phantom specifically designed for End-to-End SRS commissioning. MAX-HD is an unrivalled SRS training resource providing QA for image acquisition from both CT and MR modalities, image fusion, multiple target simulation, IGRT localization, and dosimetric plan verification. MAX-HD is an efficient tool for comprehensive End-to-End system testing.

  • MAX-HD’s anthropomorphic features support all IGRT procedures including imaging, localization, targeting, image fusion, and target delivery
  • Flexible & Intuitive Setup - MAX-HD can be placed flat on an imaging or treatment couch; Can be used with thermoplastic immobilization or an invasive frame
  • MAX-HD is the only SRS phantom to feature multiple point-dose and film planes throughout the entire phantom enabling high-dose gradient analysis
  • Complete SRS plan verification in critical regions using multiple dosimetric QA tools; Ionization Chambers, nanoDots™, and GAFCHROMIC™ Film
  • Supports multiple AAPM TG SRS testing protocols including TG101 and TG135 for:
    • Complete End-To-End Tests
    • Winston-Lutz test
    • Blind Target Study
    • Isocentric Verification
    • Bony Anatomy Localization
    • Laser Alignment
    • Localization / Repositioning with Couch Shift
    • Patient Orientation / Image Transfer QA
    • IGRT QA for X-Ray and On-board kV and MV images, including CBCT
    • MR/CT Image Fusion

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