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MAX-EI provides the Essential Implementation of End-To-End SRS QA routines that are comprehensive, highly-repeatable, and flexible to meet your needs,  all with minimal impact to your clinic’s time and budget. Ideally, every SRS system would exist in state of optimal performance in perpetuity because non-conformances never occur or the upstream causes are detected immediately upon occurrence and corrected before higher-severity effects can occur.

In reality, SHIFT HAPPENS, and it can happen without advanced warning or immediate detection, even when the system is closely monitored. Even with the best predictive & preventive measures in place, the entire system must still be capable of detecting non-conformance immediately upon occurrence in order to be truly effective.

In addition to essential End-To-End SRS QA, MAX-EI effectively implements Daily IGRT, SGRT, and Winston-Lutz QA. It’s therapist-friendly, too. When paired with iQA Auto Analysis Software, clinics can evaluate critical components each day, characterize the percentage delta to the End-To-End Chain Baseline dataset, and quickly detect when the system needs attention.

Optional 6DOF Leveling & Shift components can be added to quickly check 6DOF couch corrections. MAX-EI is an ideal QA choice for groups or networks planning to standardize SRS QA across multiple sites, machines, and  configurations. MAX-EI is compatible with virtually every treatment delivery modality and offers a flexible range of dosimetry options.

A full year of iQA Auto Analysis Software is included with MAX-EI, making it easy to define, implement, analyze and control SRS QA routines and standardization while providing a flexible monitoring system to keep track of it all.

Key Features

  • SRS QA Essential Implementation
  • End-To-End + Daily QA
  • Winston-Lutz with iQA Auto Analysis
  • Ion Chamber + Film
  • Base of skull & spinal alignment with CBCT and 6DOF couch
  • Multi-Site Standardization & Repeatability
  • Economical & Budget Friendly
  • Optional OSLD, TLD
  • Optional Inserts Available
  • Lease & Discretionary Rent-To-Purchase Options Available

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