ISOCube Alignment phantom

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ISOCube Alignment phantom


Designed for daily system checks, the ISOCube is a cost-effective, quick and accurate tool for testing radiation isocenter alignment between the lasers, light field and image guidance systems. The isocenters of both the OBI and the EPID can be checked for true spacial alignment and coincidence with that of the treatment beam. The ISOCube Alignment Base Plate has three axes of fine adjustment: pitch, roll and rotation. These adjustments can be used to position the ISOCube to an absolute radiation isocentric position.

To test the accuracy of a 6 DOF Couch coupled to an OBI System, the Base Plate with ISOCUBE in place can be intentionally skewed in three axes moving the ISOCube to a new orientation. New images will yield new coordinates for repositioning the ISOCube assembly. Re-imaging with the OBI or IR Camera system thereby verifies accuracy of the entire OBI/6 DOF System.

  • Quick and Simple to use
  • Unique shell fiducials provide clear and precise images in EPID, kV and CBCT imaging
  • Offset target fiducial to verify accuracy of couch
  • Laser Alignment Verification
  • Light Field Size Verification
  • Verify kV and MV imager coincidence
  • Evaluate CBCT Process Accuracy
  • Evaluate ODI Accuracy
  • Verify Field / Light Alignment

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