GMOC Monthly Output testing phantom

Integrated Medical Technologies

GMOC Monthly Output testing phantom


The IMT GMOC phantom, developed with clinical partners, was designed with simplicity and ergonomics in mind while providing a broad range of Monthly Output testing functions providing complete verification of LINAC setup, alignment, constancy, and accuracy. This unique phantom is light-weight, reproducible and efficient.

  • The Lightweight GMOC phantom fits securely in LINAC electron collimator to ensure accurate repeatability
  • Therapist-Friendly Setup - No phantom alignment or couch shifts required
  • Dose Calibration / Output Constancy
  • Beam Energy Constancy
  • Rotational Dose Output Constancy
  • kV / MV Image System Alignment
  • Isocentric Room Laser Alignment
  • OBI Software Image Distance Measuring Accuracy
  • Optical Distance Indicator Accuracy
  • Optical Reticle Alignment
  • Light Field-Size Accuracy

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