DigiPhant PT Patient Dose QA

IBA Dosimetry

DigiPhant PT Patient Dose QA


DigiPhant PT

Patient Dose QA for Pencil Beam Scanning: 30 Minutes Faster Each Time!

IBA Dosimetry offers the full product range tailored to fit any Proton Therapy QA needs. PT treatment safety, as well as most efficient dosimetry and QA is the centre of our high-end solutions.

IBA's unique innovations for PT dosimetry are designed to minimize commissioning and QA times and to maximize patient throughput of busy PT centres.





  • Replaces time consuming manual solutions
  • Dedicated MatriXX PT with 1020 ion chambers
  • Measuring 2D and 3D dose distribution in water
  • Analysis of relative and absorbed dose
  • Data storage and evaluation in OmniPro-I'mRT

 Why IBA Dosimetry?

  • Significant reduction of commissioning time: Earlier start of patient treatments
  • Faster daily QA: Higher patient throughput

  • Highest resolution detector technology
  • Unique dedicated QA solutions tailored for PT

  • Complete QA solution from the leader in RT dosimetry
  • Utilizing >20 years of PT experience and innovation


    ¹Actual patient dose measurements consist of 10 individual measurements of 2 min. each per depth dose

    ²Conventional: Physicist walks 9x into treatment room and removes one slab of solid water from the 2D array to simulate next water depth (20 min. measurements + 9 times ≈3 min. to open vault door, enter room, remove...)

    ³DigiPhant PT continuous process entirely operated from the control room, no walking into the treatment room

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