DeskCAT™ Optical CT Scanner for Biophysics Education

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DeskCAT™ Optical CT Scanner for Biophysics Education


DeskCAT™ is a state-of-the-art multi-slice optical CT scanner designed for educators requiring a safe and hands-on approach to teaching medical imaging in a classroom or laboratory setting.

The portable optical CT scanner is capable of performing real-time acquisition, reconstruction, and display of 3D CT images. DeskCAT™ comes complete with a variety of phantoms, up to 20 hours of lab exercises and an unlimited software license.

The safest way to demonstrate:
Acquisition: Projection images (analogous to digital radiography) of a translucent object, detector characteristics, multiple projection angles for CT reconstruction, fan and cone beam geometry.
Image Review: Pre-treatment of projection images for CT reconstruction, filtering, sinograms.
Reconstruction: Feldkamp back projection, variable resolution and voxel dimensions, image data management.
3D Image: Interact with the reconstructed image, demonstrate artifacts, adjust contrast (level, window).


  • Safe, accessible and portable multi-slice optical CT scanner
  • Operates without the use of potentially harmful x-rays
  • Acquire, review and reconstruct 3D CT images
  • Performs quantitative CT scans in real-time
  • Enables simulation of imaging artifacts
  • Hands-on, intuitive and interactive software
  • Effectively teach principles of medical imaging
  • Includes phantoms, lab exercises and software

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