CT/SIM Check phantom

Integrated Medical Technologies

CT/SIM Check phantom


CT/SIM Check is an efficient daily tool designed for a broad range of Daily QA Procedures in compliance with TG142 CT SIM Protocols. CT/SIM Check is lightweight, easy to use and locates on couch index bar for reproducible orthogonal setup. It fulfills a range of tests including: constancy checks for HU, volume uniformity, laser alignment in three axes, image orientation display, geometric scaling and isocenter laser localisation.

    • Ease of use. Locates on couch index bar for reproducible orthogonal setup
      • Verifies SIM laser plane to scan plane offset
      • Image Uniformity Check
      • HU Constancy Check
      • Geometric Constancy Check
      • Image Orientation Verification
      • Slice Thickness Verification
      • Isocenter/Laser Localisation Verification

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