CellRad Compact Cabinet X-ray Cell Irradiator


CellRad Compact Cabinet X-ray Cell Irradiator


Faxitron's CellRad is a dedicated, compact cabinet X-ray cell irradiator which can be placed directly on the lab bench top - no need to transport your cells to a core irradiation facility.

The CellRad system allows you to irradiate cells in your lab without compromising sterility or security.  The simple touch-screen control panel makes the CellRad easy to use for those with no x-ray training.

A smaller, simpler, safer and less costly alternative to radioisotope (gamma) and even high-power X-ray irradiators.  There are no costly licensing, security, or source maintenance fees.


  • NRTL Certified by Intertek for Electrical Safety
  • No additional X-ray shielding required
  • No specialized X-ray knowledge needed to operate
  • Plugs into any standard A/C outlet
  • Automatic warm-up for extended tube life
  • Password login for system security
  • Prescriptive, touchscreen control interface for ease-of-use
  • Integrated dosimeter with advanced Automatic Dose Control (ADC) for setting exact dose
  • Remote diagnostic and support over the web


Energy range 10-130 kV
Tube current 0.1-5 mA
Tube Power 650 W
Dose Rate (130kVp, 5.0mA)

up to: 50Gy/min (unfiltered)

up to: 13Gy/min (0.5mm Al) 

Focal spot size, nominal 1.0 x 1.4 mm
Inherent filtration 1.6 mm beryllium
X-ray beam angle 40° divergence
Maximum coverage 12" (30 cm)
Source to object distance 17" (44 cm)
Exposure time 5 sec to 180 min (1 sec increments)
Power requirements 100 - 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50 - 60 Hz
Cooling Integrated closed-loop heat exchanger
Specimen turntable Electrically operated, 2 RPM
Dimensions, external 30” H x 21” W x 24” D (77 cm x 53 cm x 61 cm)
Dimensions, internal 14” H x 12” W x 12” D (37 cm x 30 cm x 32 cm)
Weight 460 lbs (210 kg)
Shipping Weight 540 lbs (245 kg)

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