Hans Feitz - Technical Guru (retired)

Hans Feitz - Technical Guru

Hans has now retired from FT operations, but you can still catch him on the job occasionally, and at conferences. We don't let the good ones go that easily. Born and bred in Holland, Hans showed an interest in electronics from a young age and secured a counter sales and repair job at the famous Dutch Rein de Jong electronics shop on Friday evenings and Saturdays, working through his studies. This early experience established valuable component knowledge and broad repair experience, something that proved most valuable later on in his career.

Interrupted by National Service as a Main Battle Tank Commander, Hans went on and finished the Technical University (HTS), shortly followed in 1984 by his first full time job as international field service engineer for a major Japanese medical equipment manufacturer, installing and servicing ultrasound scanners, gamma cameras and CT scanners in the Netherlands, Eastern Europe and the then Soviet Union. Some of his technical high-lights were achieved during this period under often trying circumstances.

In 1987 Hans switched to the international leader in HDR brachytherapy, headquartered in Holland. Here he introduced a formal structure to the field service work and initiated the very first technical and customer service bulletins, nowadays an essential company communication tool. Travelling world-wide and soaking up the various cultures, Hans enjoyed tackling the technically challenging jobs, including some nasty ones that no one else wanted to touch! After installing a remote afterloader at the old PeterMac in Little Lonsdale Street, Hans fell in love with Australia and its people and in 1993 he moved his young family to Sydney and joined the local branch office as national service manager.

In 1999 Hans started his first own business, alongside his existing job, importing PC based cardio and respiratory equipment from the Netherlands. The business took off thanks to his relentless service attitude, winning over difficult to convert traditional equipment customers. Combining both roles became impractical and after 17½ years in 2006 he left his role as national service manager and sold his own business, subsequently joining the new owners to build up their brachytherapy division.

The next few years were marked by global mergers and take overs, resulting in frequent changes that led to Hans working with Jason and then selling the first of a new type of remote afterloader. The GFC brought more changes, so Hans set up a new business to continue providing the remote afterloader support but another global takeover followed and afterloader business was taken over. Hans then joined a local radiation therapy supplier in 2009 to look after their technical needs but the wider world called and Hans started RTService in early 2010 to provide independent service to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, plus international sites in China and throughout Asia Pacific.

RTService grew and in 2014 equipment sales overtook service, leaving Hans to ponder how to maintain focus on both aspects of the business. It called for a new endeavour and who better than his good business friend Jason to join him in the new (ad)venture … Gamma Gurus.


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