Sky Factory - eSea - Digital Cinema Fish Tanks


Sky Factory - eSea - Digital Cinema Fish Tanks


Much More than an Aquarium!
A Digital Cinema Underwater Experience

Sky Factory's ēSea is a digital cinema window designed to provide the relaxing, therapeutic benefits that result from viewing living underwater environments. Research has established that viewing such environments restores emotional balance, reduces anxiety and even lowers blood pressure. The ēSea illusion engages the observer in a deep experience of nature, one that enlivens biophilia, our innate genetic-based need to bond with living systems.

 Designed as a portal into large underwater environments, ēSea presents the gentle flowing motions inherent in all marine life. It is this Heraclitean motion that triggers an automatic 'relaxation response' in the observer. ēSea is an ideal solution to the high costs of setting up and maintaining salt or freshwater aquariums and mitigating the risks associated with water-borne pathogens. With ēSea, you get much more than a virtual aquarium.

Unique Features

Proprietary ContentFeaturing five hours of unedited, real-time footage (scenes run approximately 60 minutes).

Diverse Underwater WorldsIncluding exotic Sea Nettle Jellyfish, a Shark Reef, Clown Fish and Anemones, Tropical Fish, and a River Habitat in the Amazon!

Superior QualityRecorded using UltraHD RED digital cinema cameras that deliver better than Blu-Ray quality*.

Maintenance-Free OperationProfessional-grade LED edge-lit High Definition LCD monitor and components designed for years of 24/7 operation.

Simple InstallationRecessed 4 inches into standard walls for quick trouble-free installation.

Easy Plug-and-Play Upgrade ModulePeruse, purchase, and upload additional content from our ēSea library—any time—as it becomes available.

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