Vertical Drop CII Sharps Shield


Vertical Drop CII Sharps Shield



Capintec offers the most complete line of Sharps Shields and containers available for Nuclear Medicine. These Sharps leaded container cabinets offer a convenient way to store spent syringes in a safe manner. Two sizes are shown: One is designed for containment of one medium-size Chimney-Top Monoject® Sharps container and the other holds two small or one large Monoject Sharps Container.

The Vertical Drop CII Sharps Shield comes with a Key-Lock safety feature not found elsewhere . The hinged top is easily opened to remove the Sharps container for replacement, requiring no removal of a heavy lid. Shielded with 1/8″ lead, this unit can be specified with 1/4″ shielding.

The Vertical Drop CII Sharps is designed to use a Chimney-Top Sharps Container which protects the user’s fingers in use.. Convenient needle notches facilitate safe and rapid removal of needles from tube holders.

Item Numbers
0660-0018 Vertical Drop CII Sharps Shield (Standard)
0660-0019 Vertical Drop CII Sharps Shield (Tall)
0660-1811 Monoject Sharps Medium (For Standard) Box of 20
0660-1812 Monoject Sharps Large (For Tall) Box of 10
0660-1813 Monoject Sharps Small (For Tall) Box of 40


    • All units have Key-Lock tops to meet OSHA requirements
    • Table Top or Flush Mount in work counter
    • Single or double stacked models
    • Lead thickness 1/8″ or 1/4″
    • Hinged top for easy opening and removal of sharps


  • Standard Model Shielding: .125″ lead with 4 pi shielding
  • Standard Model Dimensions: 11″ h x 7.25″ w x 11″ l  (28 x 18.4 x 28.2 cm)
  • Standard Model Weight: 54 lbs. (24.5 kg)
  • Tall Model Shielding: .125″ lead with 4 pi shielding
  • Tall Model Dimensions: 18″ h x 7.25″ w x 11″ l (45.7 x 18.4 x 28 cm)
  • Tall Model Weight: 76 lbs. (34.5 kg)

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