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myQA® Daily - easy, efficient, accurate by design

myQA Daily is the only solution for fast, easy, and high-quality morning Linac QA. 

The largest number of ionization chambers provides more beam data for more accurate beam quality verification.

The web-browser-based myQA Daily application allows flexible test execution from any network PC or tablet and easy access to test results.

125 ionization chambers

provide the largest amount of measured beam data of any available daily QA device. This means a more accurate morning QA and trend analysis of dose output, flatness, symmetry, center, field size, and energy.

High-resolution centerline measurements 
The 31 ionization chambers for each centerline offer greater beam measurement accuracy, especially in the penumbra regions. This allows a finer analysis of daily beam characteristics as well as earlier detection of suspicious trends.

Energy constancy checks
Dedicated ionization chambers with integrated absorber material automatically verify the photon and electron energy constancy – all with the same beam and detector setup. There’s no need to manually add buildup material, to change the setup, or to flip the detector.  

Field size flexibility
The detector layout provides the flexibility to perform daily QA tests with standard 20 × 20 cm² or smaller 10 × 10 cm² beams.

Light field check
Field size markers permit easy verification of the light field’s conformity with the radiation field.

Wireless connectivity

The real-time Wi-Fi data exchange and rechargeable battery allow wireless daily QA setup and measure-ments. The cable-free design enables a convenient workflow and makes it easy to use at multiple Linacs.

Instant results at your fingertips

The server-based myQA Daily software application is the backbone of seamless morning QA checks. The software easily guides the user through just a few steps.

Easy daily QA test interface

Simply start the application to have your daily test run automatically ready.  For test execution, the menu guides you easily through just a few steps.  With one click, multiple beam energies are automatically measured in a single test run. The measurements are instantly analyzed, and results are displayed in an intuitive pass/fail view.  You may also include additional checklist tests in your daily QA test routine, such as “Door Interlock” or “Audiovisual Monitoring.” 

Advanced review and admin interface

All your test data is automatically documented in the central database and is easily accessible from anywhere in the network! 
This enables comprehensive analysis of your daily measurements as well as trend analysis. You can also easily configure hospital-specific test runs, or manage your admin rights for different users. 

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