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iQA QA Analysis Software


The IMT iQA software, developed with clinical partners, was designed to provide simple, procedural QA process implementation that is therapist-friendly and completely visible to administrative functions. iQA supports multiple sites and machines and provides controlled, standardized, and repeatable QA procedures using step-by-step instructions and direct input of critical measurements. iQA’s database provides historical trend analysis for all locations and will automatically notify the physicist or other administration of QA test results, including any failures or omissions. If necessary, Corrective Action can be initiated and tracked within the software at the first point of failure.


  • Administrator-Defined QA test Protocols, Key Parameters, Measurements, & Pass/Fail Thresholds
  • Supports Multiple Sites & Machines
  • Fast & Simple Setup / Implementation
  • Minimal Training
  • Virtual Server Intranet-Based Software


  • Controlled & Repeatable Test Protocols
  • Standardised Critical Measurements
  • Therapist-Friendly Process & Interface
  • Simplified Visual Step-By-Step Procedures
  • Satisfies AAPM TG142 Standards


  • View Data for All Sites in One Location
  • Database Maintains Historic Data for Statistical Analysis & Trending
  • Auto-Generation of Routine User-Defined Reports
  • Automatic eMail Notification of Test Results & Unperformed Tests
  • Simple Interface to show Pass, Fail, & Marginal Test Results


  • Easily Identify Where Improvements are Necessary
  • Generate and Track Corrective or Preventive Actions
  • Trend Analysis & Reports Ensure Key Parameters are Controlled and Maintained


  • Monitor Key Parameters Using Historic Data in One Location
  • Ensure Protocols are Effectively Implemented & on Schedule
  • Demonstrate Improvement & Control Effectiveness
  • Demonstrate Conformance to AAPM TG Standards & Regulatory Requirements

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