T-160 / T-200 / T-300 Family for Superficial and Orthvoltage X-Ray Therapy

Wolf Medical

T-160 / T-200 / T-300 Family for Superficial and Orthvoltage X-Ray Therapy


The T-160 / T-200 / T-300 range of Superficial & Orthovoltage X-Ray offers fast and patient friendly treatments, while the motorised movements are a welcome relief for staff.  All WOmed systems are designed and manufactured in Germany, where quality and clever design ticks all the boxes.

The system is available in three different maximum energies with the powerful 300 kV unit providing high dose rates for the orthovoltage-deep-therapy.  The choice of "soft" spectra for superficial x-ray treatment is also possible.

Integral to the system is a powerful and networkable record & verify system for treatment planning and documentation that is completely paperless.

The easy to use motorised 3D Ceiling Mount also features a simultaneous 3D float feature for quick and balanced positioning or storing.  Tube rotation and tilt angles can be limited in software to prevent beaming towards insufficient shielded areas.

Safety interlocks

Permanent process monitoring before and during the treatment

  • beam quality
  • filter and applicator
  • tube voltage and current
  • backup timer
  • cooling monitoring
  • door monitoring
  • mains monitoring

Verification and record system RadControl-II

  • visualisation of machine process
  • integrated patient and treatment database
  • integrated PDD tables for skin and target dose display
  • user administration, reports, data import

Control Console

  • key switch for disabling the unit
  • emergency switch
  • display of signal lamps “ready” and “radiation”

Possible movements on the tube head

  • 3 motor driven movements are available:
    • vertical up/down
    • turning around the tube arm axis
    • turning around the tube axis


Advanced positioning accuracy made possible by:
  • fully transparent, shielded applicator body
  • transparent exit window with centring cross

All applicators are uniquely coded and can be assigned to one or more kV/mA/Filter combinations. The applicators are available in focal-skin-distances of 20, 30, 40 and 50 cm with circular or rectangular shapes, including custom sizes.


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