INSIGHT™ Overlay


INSIGHT™ Overlay



MRimage and Treat™

INSIGHT™ Overlay and Coil Holders are designed to enable MR imaging in the same position as treatment. This supports MR / CT fusion techniques as well as MR only. The Insight MR Overlay features Varian Exact® Indexing notches every 70 millimeters, allowing patient setups to be seamlessly reproduced in various imaging table tops and treatment couch tops.

INSIGHT™ MR Overlay mounts to compatible Siemens® MAGNETOM® Aera®, Skyra®, Vida® and Sola® table tops allowing the use of MR compatible patient positioning devices during MR scanning for radiotherapy. The Insight™ MRI Overlay is compatible with Portrait™ head only S-frame thermoplastic masks.

INSIGHT™ MR Coil Holders are intended to position body and head coils allowing the patient to undergo imaging in the same position as that of the treatment position. Coil holders are available for Siemens® MAGNETOM® Aera®, Skyra®, Vida® and Sola® scanners using the Flex 4, Body 6, and Body 18 coils.


INSIGHT™ Overlay -- RT-4700-01

INSIGHT™ MR Head Coil Holders -- RT-4700-02

INSIGHT™ MR Body Coil Holders -- RT-4700-03

INSIGHT™ MR Package (includes: Overlay, Head Coil Holders & Boy Coil Holders) -- RT-4700-10

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