ClearVision™ & PureVision™ Masks, Type-S™ and Uni-frame®


ClearVision™ & PureVision™ Masks, Type-S™ and Uni-frame®


ClearVision Thermoplastic Masks are part of CIVCO's Tranquility Series. Designed with patient comfort and 3D tracking in mind, these masks feature unique patterns that offer a more open feel yet maintain rigidity and reproducibility. 

  • ClearVision and ClearVision 2 masks are compatible with VisionRT's Align® camera system
  • ClearVision 2's enhanced design offers more support material than the original ClearVsion design
  • ClearVision 2 is offered in a head, neck & shoulders mask offering an open neck area for additional camera capture

PureVision Thermoplastic Masks also offer an open face to use with vision/camera systems. Separate reinforcing thermoplastic strips are included.

Both ClearVision and PureVision masks are made from CIVCO's standard white reinforced material that includes a combination of perforated and solid thermoplastic to provide rigidity and secure immobilization.

Available in Type-S™ and Uni-frame® -please confirm compatibility below.

Product Number Description Box Quantity
MTAPUID1832SG Tranquility Series, ClearVision2, Type-S, Disposable, Head-Only, 3.2 mm 5
MTAPSID2732SG Tranquility Series, ClearVision2, Type-S, Disposable, Head Neck & Shoulder, 3.2 mm 5
MTVRT20 Tranquility Series, ClearVision, Type-S, Disposable, Head-Only, 3.2 mm 5
MTVRTW Tranquility Series, ClearVision, Uni-frame Wide, Disposable, Head Only, 3.2 mm 5

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