Dose Drawing Syringe Shields


Dose Drawing Syringe Shields


For Drawing a Dose from a Shielded Vial

Dose Drawing Syringe Shields reduce hand exposure when drawing doses from vial shields. The barrel of the syringe is constructed of optically clear high density (5.6) lead glass that offers complete 360° visibility and reduces radiation exposure from Tc-99m by more than 99%. At the end of the lead glass barrel is a .125" lead flange that provides additional hand shielding between a vial shield and the syringe shield.

The shield features quick and smooth syringe insertion with an 0-ring seal and anti-roll cap. Dose Drawing Syringe Shields for safety syringes facilitate two thumbscrews to secure the syringe.

The shields are constructed with an elastomer material that acts as a shock absorber between the metal and glass, improving the resistance to breakage.

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