Clear-Lead™ Windows


Clear-Lead™ Windows


The safer alternative for radiation shielding windows

Clear-Lead is the shatter resistant choice when a large undistorted radiation protection window is necessary. Safe to work with, the window panel can easily be cut with commonly used tools and fit to standard lead-lined window frames. Clear-Lead is a unique, versatile, transparent acrylic plastic containing 30% lead by weight. The windows offer effective radiation protection with superb light transmission. Biodex offers the Clear-Lead Windows in six different thicknesses; the amount of lead equivalent radiation protection is relative to the thickness. Biodex stocks the most popular sizes and thicknesses. Included with each window are comprehensive cutting instructions.

  • Safe, durable, shatter resistant
  • Effective radiation protection, 30% lead by weight, with superb light transmission
  • Easy and safe to handle, cut and fabricate
  • The clear choice over lead glass
  • Radiation protection with an unobstructed view
  • Ease of handling eliminates high construction costs
Clear-Lead™ Windows – Stock sizes
  Window Size Thickness/Lead Equivalency
042-569 12" w x 12" h (31 x 31 cm) 12 mm thick (0.5 mm LE)
042-570 36" w x 48" h (91 x 122 cm) 8 mm thick (0.3 mm LE)
042-571 24" w x 24" h (61 x 61 cm) 12 mm thick (0.5 mm LE)
042-572   48" w x 48" h (122 x 122 cm) 12 mm thick (0.5 mm LE)
042-573 36" w x 72" h (91 x 183 cm) 12 mm thick (0.5 mm LE)
042-574  24" w x 24" h (61 x 61 cm) 22 mm thick (1.0 mm LE)
042-575 24" w x 24" h (61 x 61 cm) 35 mm thick (1.5 mm LE)
042-576 24" w x 48" h (61 x 122 cm) 35 mm thick (1.5 mm LE)
042-577 36" w x 48" h (91 x 122 cm) 35 mm thick (1.5 mm LE)
042-578 48" w x 72" h (122 x 183 cm) 35 mm thick (1.5 mm LE)
042-579   36" w x 84" h (91 x 213 cm) 35 mm thick (1.5 mm LE)

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