PAL Stirrups


PAL Stirrups


Power Assisted Leg Support

PAL Stirrups represent the gold standard in lithotomy positioning. They allow for easy adjustment of abduction and lithotomy while maintaining the sterile field. The boot design reduces pressure under the popliteal fossa and the superficial peroneal nerve. The stirrup enables safe and easy positioning while providing enhanced surgical site access.

  • Boot Design – reduces pressure under the popliteal fossa and superficial peroneal nerve.
  • Floating, Self-Adjusting Boot –minimizes pressure on the calf, when moving the stirrup.
  • Lift-Assist – allows easy movement of the leg when placing it in the desired position.
  • Twist Release Grip Handle – easy intra-operative adjustment without compromising the sterile field. Simply twist the handle to secure the leg holder in all directions.
  • Lithotomy Range – between +84° to -33° lithotomy.
  • Abduction Range – between +25° to -9° abduction.
  • Lithotomy & Length Indicators – ensures precise positioning.

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