RadWall-H - Area Radiation Monitor


RadWall-H - Area Radiation Monitor


RadWall-H | Area Radiation Monitor is an all-digital area radiation monitor covering a wide range of gamma and X-ray radiation and includes a large display and cable routing.

RadWall-H | Area Radiation Monitor is a next-generation, all-digital area radiation monitor that combines three functions in one:

  • Alarm and display unit
  • Built-in scintillation detector
  • Self-healing and self-forming mesh network capable monitor

RadWall-H | Area Radiation Monitor uses a high-performance YSO scintillation crystal combined with a state-of-the-art SiPM (YSO+SiPM) and multi-voltage threshold (MVT) algorithm to detect a wide range of radiation doses.

RadWall-H | Area Radiation Monitor has high detection accuracy, high sensitivity, and fast response, as well as other significant advantages.

RadWall-H | Area Radiation Monitor communicates with a wireless radiation monitoring network for data management. Proportional, real-time detection and measurement provide meaningful readouts that focus on real-world applications.

The fast response and wide dose rate range maximize the safety of your team. The large HD LCD provides a clear indication of dose rate.

RadWall-H | Area Radiation Monitor can be used as a standalone Area Radiation Monitor, or multiple units can be combined to form a protected mesh network communicating via ZigBee IEEE standard.

RadWall-H | Area Radiation Monitor is an alarm and display unit (ADU), providing detection and measurement with an internal scintillation detector.

Forming the backbone of a scalable RadSafe Radiation Monitoring Solution, RadWall-H | Area Radiation Monitor includes the RadSuite Monitoring Software to accommodate applications of any size or complexity.

Technical Specifications


YSO Scintillator + SiPM

Type of Radiation Detected

Gamma, X-Ray

Energy Range

20 keV–10 MeV

Dose Rate Range

1 µrem/h–1 rem/h (0.01 µSv/h–10 mSv/h)


1170 cps/mrem/h (117 cps/µSv/h) (∝ Cs-137)

Energy Response

≤ ±20% (Cs-137) @ 20 keV–60 keV ≤ ±15% (Cs-137) @ 60 keV–1.5 MeV ≤ ±20% (Cs-137) @ 1.5 MeV–3 MeV ≤ ±50% (Cs-137) @ 3 MeV–10 MeV

Dose Rate Linearity

≤ ±10% up to 1 rem/h (10 mSv/h)


±15% (Cs-137)

Alarm Threshold

User-set values for dose rate: 2 µrem/h–1 rem/h (0.02 µSv/h–10 mSv/h)

Alert Options

Audible (80 dB at 12 in ∕ 30 cm), Visual (LED and Display)

Alarm Response Time

< 2 s

Overload Display

Activation when > 1 rem/h (10 mSv/h) Overload indication up to 10 rem/h (100 mSv/h)

Display Units

rem, Sv, Gy, rad


ZigBee, RadSys 2.0 (Cloud-Based Software), RadSuite-Monitor (PC-Based Software)

Power Supply

AC 100–240 V ∕ 50–60 Hz (UL Certified), Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Battery Life

Typically 8 h in Background Field




19.0 oz (540 g)


⌀ 6.89 × 1.97 in (⌀ 175 x 50 mm)


IoT-Cloud (FCC ID: 2AC7P-113), UL Certified AC Adapter

Initialization Time

< 10 s

Operating Temperature

14–122 °F (-10–50 °C)

Storage/Transport Temperature

-4–158 °F (-20–70 °C)

Relative Humidity

Up to 90% RH (Non-Condensing)


Exceeds IEC 61526 Requirements

FCC Compliance

FCC Part 15

CE Compliance

CE Certified

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